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2011Clarabelle Core Flotation Concrete SlabsValeHatch4117198
2011Cecchetto Dam Concrete Slabs/BuildingsValeDick Engineering746595
2011Clarabelle Core Flotation Int. RenovationsValeHatch872840
2011Smelter Dust Control Bldg FoundationsValeDick Engineering724895
2011College Boreal Lecture Hall FoundationsCollege Boreal436578
2011Valley East Water Supply UpgradesCity of Greater SudburyAecom3893944
2011Replace Storm SewersMHPMEXP708111.57
2011Coleman Mine Interior RenovationsValePolestar347191
2011Walden WWTP Clarifier UpgradesCity of Greater SudburyR.V. Anderson529980
2011Creighton Mine Sandplant SumpValeVale158148
2010Blind River WPCP UpgradesTown of Blind RiverKresin Engineering398418.9
2010Sudbury WWTP Low Lift StationCity of Greater SudburyR.V. Anderson4976216
2010Sudbury WWTP DechlorinationCity of Greater SudburyDennis Consultants1152193
2010Legace Lift Station UpgradesCity of Greater SudburyGenivar810189
2009Whitefish River F.N. WTPWhitefish River First NationFirst Nations Engineering5318000
2009Wahnapitae Sewage Lagoon RepairsCity of Greater SudburyAecom553631
2009Levack Water Supply UpgradesCity of Greater SudburyDennis Consultants4486751
2009St.Charles Lift Station BypassCity of Greater SudburyCity of Greater Sudbury57172
2008Bulk W ater StationsCity of Greater SudburyCity of Greater Sudbury293278
2008Sudbury WWTP Control BldgCity of Greater SudburyDennis Consultants3668061
2008Copper Cliff Deep FoundationsValeCementation8365279
2008Coleman Exhaust ShaftValePorcupine Engineering3416883
2008Copper Refinery Yard WorkValeDick Engineering629153
2007Pim Street Pumping StationCity of Sault Ste MarieTSH Engineers3623728
2007Mattagami WTPMattagami First NationFirst Nations Engineering2444589
2007Copper Refinery Underground ServicesCVRD IncoDick Engineering818285
2006Port Loring WTPConoco PhillipsDelcan Corporation2275400
2006Sudbury WWTP Clarifier UpgradesCity of Greater SudburyDennis Consultants540288
2006Totten Mine HDS PlantIncoAmec1262944
2006Henvey Inlet WTPHenvey Inlet First NationHenderson Paddon& Assoc.3434987
2005Capreol Water Supply UpgradesCity of Greater SudburyDennis Consultants3275522
2005Cooling Tower & PumphouseInco LtdHGE Engineering2118644
2004North Bay Psychiatric Hospital WTPOntario Reality CorporationConestoga-Rovers1269517
2004Sheguindah WTPSheguindah First NationsHenderson Paddon & Assoc.3439301
2004Levack Mine Water TankInco LtdDennis Consultants776052
2004Sudbury WWTP Clarifier ReplacementCity of Greater SudburyDennis Consultants312443
2004Gore Bay WTPTown of Gore BayCH2M Hill5983342
2003Sucker Creek WTPSucker Creek First NationsFirst Nations Engineering3218836
2003Sheguindah WTP UpgradesSheguindah First NationsHenderson Paddon & Assoc.166859
2003Lakeview PumphouseM’Chigeeng First NationsFirst Nations Engineering339071
2003Killarney Park WTPKillarney Provinicial ParkTottens Sims Hubicki1041761
2003Cambrian Residence FoundationsCambrian CollegeNicholls Yallowega Belanger171989
2003Clark Creek Pumping StationCity of Sault Ste MarieWalker Engineering2104161
2003West Bay WTPM’Chigeeng First NationsFirst Nations Engineering3268442
2002Sudbury WWTP Generator BuildingCity of Greater SudburyDennis Consultants758805
2002Sturgeon Falls WWTP UpgradesTown of West NippissingEarth Tech562154
2002Nolin Creek DamIncoAuburn Furnace Services1086124
2002Energy Retrofits at Various WWTPCity of Greater SudburyJ.L. Richards & Associates1028122
2002Dynamic Earth Concrete SlabsScience NorthNicholls Yallowega Belanger281914
2002Dynamic Earth Concrete RampsScience NorthNicholls Yallowega Belanger145013
2002Valley East WWTP UpgradesCity of Greater SudburyCity of Greater Sudbury158088
2001Wikwemikong W.T.P.Wikwemikong U.I.R.First Nations Engineering2519480
2001Sudbury W.W.T.P. UpgradesCity of Greater SudburyDennis Consultants2705501
2001Dynamic Earth FoundationsScience NorthNicholls Yallowega Belanger400333
2001Copper Cliff W.W.T.P. UpgradesInco Ltd.Inco Ltd.436360
2001Clarabelle Reagent FoundationsInco Ltd.Inco Ltd.210138
2001Valley Water Well UpgradesCity of Greater SudburyDennis Consultants71429
2000Wikwemikong S.T.P.Wikwemikong U.I.R.First Nations Engineering2196054
2000Anode Casting Bldg. PilingInco LimitedAuburn Furnace Services288272
2000Garson ChlorinationRegion of SudburyDennis Consultants366429

Project Value

  • Projects ranged from $57,172 - $8,365,279

    Project Value

    • Vale
    • College Boreal
    • City of Greater Sudbury
    • MHPH
    • Town of Blind River
    • Whitefish River First Nation
    • City of Sault Ste Marie
    • Mattagami First Nation



    • Northern Ontario